January 21, 2015

Lighten your load

Whimsy's Heavy Things
by Julie Kraulis

Whimsy's heavy things are weighing her down. She tries hiding them, hanging them, sinking them, and ignoring them, but she can't make them disappear. Shaped like bowling balls, the heavy things sap her spirits, making sad-eyed Whimsy even sadder. So she tries something different: she breaks them down into smaller pieces. As she does, she begins to feel lighter. In the end, Whimsy discovers that heavy things are just light things in disguise.

Sometimes life's burdens can get us down but, as Kraulis shows us, we can find a way to deal with them. Her message is cleverly conveyed through her sensitive pictures and simple words. The text also mirrors the action as they sink and float across the pagesBut as Whimsy slowly lightens her load, the pictures become brighter and the words gain strength. 

A lovely book that provides reassuring hope to those in need.

January 14, 2015

Dogs save the circus

The Circus Dogs of Prague
by Rachelle Delaney

JR the Jack Russell terrier and his human, George, are on vacation in Prague. With them are JR's friends - Robert, Pie, and Beatrix - and George's girlfriend, Nadya. Besides touring the city, JR also meets the animals of Circus Sergei. Nadya's brother, a trapeze artist, is also a member of the troupe. His future and that of the circus itself is threatened by the modern, more exciting Circus Magnificus. When JR discovers that the circus animals are unhappy - the dancing chimpanzee would rather swing, the kangaroo does not like boxing, and the elephant just wants to be free - he dreams up an unlikely idea that could help save the show. But to really wow the crowd, he'll need the services of a tightrope-walking cat named Kisa, whom Nadya has adopted. Since dogs and cats don't get along, JR has his work cut out for him.

Fast-paced and funny, this amusing novel is sure to be loved by anyone who owns a pet or has ever dreamed of owning one. Sure to be an especial favorite of dog-lovers.

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