June 24, 2009

Picture Books

Everyone should read picture books because they are delightful and amazing!

The Dot

For anyone who doubts his/her drawing ability.

Saving Sweetness
by Diane Stanley
illustrated by G. Brian Karas

Hilarious story about a sheriff who sets out to save Sweetness, an unusually resourceful orphan.

The Spider Who Created the World
by Amy MacDonald
pictures by G. Brian Karas

A creation story.

A Circle of Friends
by Giora Carmi

How one small action can affect others.

by Eve Bunting
illustrated by David Christiana
Heb-Nefert relates the story of her life. Told in verse.

paintings by Harvey Chan
An eerie, yet redeeming story.

by Leo Yerxa
A dreamlike canoe voyage. The collage illustrations are magical.

by Menena Cottin and Rosana Faría

Raised black line drawings can be deciphered by touch in this unique picture book. Includes braille text.

by Suzy Lee
A day at the beach.

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