October 15, 2009

Information Book - Human Biology

What Makes Me Me?
by Robert Winston

A book that explores the body and the mind, and the things that make you unique from everybody else: your genes, your brain, and your personality. Entertaining and revealing, with fun activities and full-colour photographs, it should appeal to inquisitive kids.

Note: What sex is my brain? (pages 72-73)
Winston writes that psychologists think male and female brains have different skills. That was the prevailing view when Winston's book was published in 2004. Neuroscientists have since discovered that there is no essential biological difference at birth between a boy brain and a girl brain. Experience, opportunity, and other social factors such as perception, influence the brain's development. For more information, read the Brainstorm articles in the Toronto Star at http://www.thestar.com/atkinsonseries/atkinson2009/article/720004--part-4-newborn-brains-are-similar-so-nurture-makes-the-difference.

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