February 25, 2010

Enchanting bedtime stories


by Teresa Cárdenas
illustrated by Margarita Sada

When God was a child, he was lonely, so he created a creature to play with. The creature was a cat, whom he called Oloyou. One day, as they were playing, Oloyou lost his balance and fell into Nothing, home of Okún Aró, the Infinite Sea. Oloyou falls in love with the Sea's beautiful daughter, Kandili. Angered by their love, Okún Aró throws them into the heavens, where Kandili becomes the night sky filled with stars. Oloyou is reunited with God, who turns him into a comet who leaps and plays through the night.

by Pat Mora
illustrated by Domi

Startled by the loud whoosh! of her grandfather's blowgun, Luna the Moon tumbles into the ocean and breaks into many pieces. The tiny fish glue her back together with their silvery scales. Whole once more, Luna and her new friends return to the sky where they swim forever in the Milky Way.

by Susana Sanromán
illustrated by Domi

A child is afraid of the dark, so he keeps a nightlight under the bedcovers. But the light keeps him awake until he becomes so tired, he falls asleep. In his dreams, he meets Señora Regañona, who plays with him. He then realizes that there is nothing to fear.

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