August 3, 2010

An Adventure Begins (with poetry)

Black Stars in a White Night Sky
by JonArno Lawson

Nature is a copiously
Hopeful cornucopia
Of protoplasmic organisms
Groping for utopia 

The above poem by E.Y. Yip Harburg is a helpful introduction to JonArno Lawson's collection of deep thoughts, nonsense poems, and what-ifs. 

Why do clouds and hurricanes have names, but not weeks (The Days Have Names)? How can a person stop thinking (Being Thoughtless)? How does the sun climb over the trees (How Without Arms)? And what if Humpty Dumpty hid himself under a chicken? As he puts it:

I'm far from a wall
So how can I fall?
I'll never again be stricken.

(Let's just say that some fates cannot be avoided).

Other verses with tongue-twisting alliterations and bouncy-sounding lines - The Maple Leaves that Mabel Leaves, Merciful Percival,  A Bison in a Basin Playing a Bassoon - are perfect fun to read aloud. With illustrations that are slightly humorous, though not always illuminating.

A reminder at the end should answer any lingering questions:

Consider that, consider this,
consider it on the dot,
that words, however used,
are just the playthings
of a thought.

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