September 29, 2010

Love story

by Maggie Stiefvater

There's a lot of supernatural romance novels for teens, mainly involving vampires. Angels and werewolves are supposed to be the next big craze. It's all governed by marketing: publishers are competing for the next big blockbuster, midnight launch party, etc. It doesn't always create good literature. So I didn't expect to like Shiver. I was initially thrown off by the book's font colour (blue). Mostly light blue, alternating with a darker blue, it made me think that my eyes were going bad. But the story drew me in and held me. I liked the idea of werewolves who became human only when the temperature was warm enough. I also found it interesting that they had an expiry date. Eventually they would cease to change, and remain wolves until death. This obviously makes the love between Sam and Grace all the more tragic. They spend six long years yearning for each other, only to meet during Sam's final time as a human. Not wanting to be separated, they try a risky cure that could part them forever. Hypnotic and beautifully written, I couldn't put the book down. I will definitely seek out Linger, the continuing story of Grace and Sam. It sounds like it will be just as magical as its predecessor.

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