November 25, 2010

Last gasp of summer

The Big Swim
by Cary Fagan

Ethan hadn't wanted to attend summer camp, but camp turns out to be better than expected. He's not the worst at anything, and he's not hated either. Then a new boy is assigned to his cabin.

Zach is rumoured to be a bad boy, expelled from one camp after another. Ethan isn't sure if the rumours are true or not, but he's fascinated by him. Zach is different: he despises nicknames, listens to Buddy Holly, and refuses to participate in camp activities, except for the Big Swim. When he's barred from the event, which involves swimming to the island and back, he turns to Ethan for help.

The Big Swim is a short, yet intriguing book. Many things are left unsaid: Zach's family background, his previous camp experiences, Amber's letter to Ethan. But it's a book that makes you think. A good book for ages 8- 12.

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