December 14, 2010

Animal trivia

Out Of Sight

Animals large and small are hiding in this 15½" x 11" book. Young children will enjoy lifting the flaps to discover interesting tidbits about each animal, while older children will want to emulate the book's simple, stylish design.

A minor, yet frustrating, quibble: the authors ask readers "Can you name all eight species of bears?" but do not provide the answer! Nor do they tell us what prehensile means.

In case you were wondering, the eight species of bears, according to Wikipedia, are:

  • American black bear
  • Asiatic black bear
  • Brown bear (which includes Grizzly)
  • Giant Panda
  • Polar bear
  • Sloth bear
  • Spectacled bear
  • Sun bear

Also, prehensile is an adjective used to describe an animal's tail, which is able to grasp or hold something.

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