January 18, 2011

An hypnotic book for patient readers

by Kathi Appelt

A girl named Keeper, her dog, and a seagull search for the girl's mermaid mother on the night of a blue moon. When their boat is swept out to see, Keeper realizes that sometimes, wishing isn't enough.

Not quite as good as Appelt's magical first book, The Underneath.
Keeper's story unfolds very slowly, one teeny tiny bit at a time. It turns one bad day into a lifetime of days, moving in and out of the characters' pasts. Mr. Beauchamp's memories are the most intriguing.

Kathi Appelt's strength as a writer is her ability to weave the fantastical into the everyday, and her connection with the thoughts and feelings of cats, dogs, and seagulls. Her stories are like dreams that quietly draw you in and never quite let go.

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