March 1, 2011


by Virginia Frances Schwartz

When Nana's father, chief of the Kwakiutls, declares war on the neighboring Salish tribe for breaking taboo, it threatens future salmon runs. To save the salmon and feed their tribe, Nana and her twin brother Nanolatch must fulfill their preordained destinies. For Nana, this means marriage to another tribe; for Nanolatch, to become a great warrior chief. 

Nana chafes at her lack of choice, while Nanolatch struggles with his sorrow and anger. Observing them is Noh, a young Salish shaman, now slave. Their story is told in three separate voices; through their words, their emotions are deftly captured. With elements of myth, nature, and transformation, Virginia Frances Schwartz has created a story that is magical, compelling, and haunting.

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