July 14, 2011

Fantastic humour by David Wiesner

by David Wiesner

On May 11, 1999, Holly Evans launches vegetable seedlings into the sky. She expects the plants to stay aloft for several weeks, allowing her to study the effects of extraterrestrial conditions on vegetable growth and development.

On June 29, 1999, curious things start to happen all over the United States. Cucumbers circle Kalamazoo. Lima beans loom over Levittown. Artichokes advance on Anchorage. Parsnips pass by Providence. There's more: Cauliflower carpets California, spinach blankets Greenwich, and arugula covers Ashtabula. Arugula? It's not part of Holly's experiment. So where do the giant vegetables come from? The surprising answer is revealed in the last two pages.

Throughout the book, David Wiesner's visual humor add to the fun of this sophisticated picture book. 

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