December 13, 2011

Space cat fights aliens!

by Ashley Spires

Binky is a certified space cat and member of F.U.R.S.T. (Felines of the Universe Ready for Space Travel). His mission: to explore unknown places (the backyard) and battle alien creatures (bugs). Binky, however, has never been outside the space station (his house). This does not stop him. He must protect his humans. So he trains very hard and secretly builds a rocket ship. But just before he blasts off, he realizes that he's left something very important behind.

A fun and hilarious graphic novel, perfect for reluctant readers. Binky's endearing shape, not to mention the hairballs and space gas, will charm ages 4 and up.

Other titles in the Binky Adventure Series:

Binky accidentally falls out the space station porthole (bathroom window) and into outer space (outside). When he discovers that his copilot Ted (his stuffed mousie) is trapped under an alien warship (wasp nest), Binky must launch a dangerous rescue mission. 

An adorable new kitty named Gracie has invaded Binky's space station (his house)! Not wanting to share, Binky tries to get rid of his unwanted guest. But then he makes a shocking discovery about Gracie's true identity, putting his space cat skills to the ultimate test.

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