July 5, 2012

Mayhem in the Everglades

by Carl Hiaasen

Wackiness ensues in this tale of Wahoo Cray and his animal wrangler father. Short on cash and behind on the mortgage, the Crays take a job with a reality-tv show called Expedition Survival. Things get seriously out of hand when outrageously inept star Derek Badger insists on doing his stunts with real wild animals. He eventually gets chomped, on the tongue no less, by a mastiff bat. Ill and feverish, he disappears into the Everglades, where he awaits his vampiric transformation. Meanwhile, Wahoo's friend Tuna is being stalked by her drunken, abusive, gun-toting father. And, there's a hurricane on the way.

Once again, the incomparable Carl Hiaasen has crafted a laugh-out-loud romp that's impossible to resist.

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