August 23, 2012

Running a business

The Lemonade War
by Jacqueline Davies

Jessie and her brother Evan were going to open a lemonade stand together. But now he’s mad at her and she doesn’t know why. Jessie has just skipped a grade, and will be in Evan's class when school starts. She thinks it’ll be fun. Evan, on the other hand, worries about looking stupid in front of his younger sister. Hence it fuels his sense of competition with her. So instead of being business partners, they're now hostile rivals trying to be the first to sell more than a hundred dollar’s worth of lemonade. 

Entertaining and useful, The Lemonade War not only shows children engaged in work and managing moneybut also about the dynamics of sibling relationships. Plus it also shows readers how to run a business while raising interesting questions about the ethics of competition, as demonstrated when Jessie sabotages Evan's lemonade and Evan steals her money. 

With chapters like Underselling, Negotiation, Crisis Management, and Reconciliation, the book is a fun way to teach kids how to run a successful lemonade stand. And they'll enjoy the story too!

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