September 27, 2012

A fine cowhorse

Smoky the Cowhorse

My life, from the time I first squinted at daylight has been with horses. I admire every step that crethure makes ... To me, the horse is man's greatest, most useful, faithful, and powerful friend. He never whines when he's hungry or sore footed or tired, and he'll keep going for the human till he drops.
                                                                         - Will James

Winner of the 1927 Newbery Medal, Smoky the Cowhorse is the story of a mouse-coloured colt who was born on  the range and grew up to become a sturdy and reliable cowhorse. Will James does a fine job of describing the world from Smoky's point-of-view and that of the cowboy's as well. His book quietly teaches the reader much about the care and treatment of horses without being overly didactic. Throughout, his admiration for Smoky shines clear; readers warm to the plucky horse and fear for his safety as his end seemingly nears. Happily, Smoky's heart does not falter; a happy ending for horse-loving readers. 

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