October 11, 2012

Robot trouble

Brother from a Box
by Evan Kuhlman

The shipping crate came from France, sent by the Institut d'Intelligence Artificielle. It was addressed to Matthew Rambeau, PhD, so his son, also named Matthew, knew it wasn't for him. Matthew would have left the crate unopened, but it began talking in several different languages. Packed inside the box is Norman, Matthew's new brother. Norman is - as he describes himself - a genetically enhanced, cybernetically integrated, bionically modified life-form. Meaning that he is a terrifically intelligent and supremely athletic android. So Matthew is understandably miffed that Norman is more popular at school than he is. But when Norman is nearly kidnapped by international spies, Matt discovers that he really cares about his brother and would do anything to keep him from harm.

A zany, action-filled adventure/thriller that's sure to appeal to many readers and sci-fi fans.

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