January 24, 2013

Hockey mystery

Oil King Courage
by Sigmund Brouwer

When Inuit hockey star Reuben Reuben is offered the chance to play for the Edmonton Oil Kings, his grandmother surprisingly agrees. She has only one condition: that he find out the truth about his grandfather's death. Helped by his best friend Gear, who narrates the story, Reuben sets out to solve the mystery. At the same time, the boys are playing in a three-on-three hockey tournament across the Arctic. As they put the clues together, Reuben learns more about his family's history and gains a renewed appreciation for his Inuit heritage.

A short and easy read, with just enough action and hooks to keep readers interested. The mystery itself is slight and the villain is obvious, but the story is quite satisfying. Its strength lies in the depictions of the Inuit elders and the respect that the author has for the northern way of life.

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