February 28, 2013

How to be a bully

The Bully Book
by Eric Kahn Gale

Almost overnight, Eric Haskins has become the school's Grunt, the one kid who gets mercilessly bullied by the rest of his sixth grade classmates. He doesn't understand why this is happening to him. When he confronts his former best friend, he finds out about "The Book".

Also called "The Bully Book", it's an instruction manual handed down from year to year telling readers how to become a bully, how to pick a victim, and how to rule the school. Alternating between 
Eric's journal and pages from The Book, the story reveals Eric's painful days as he doggedly searches for the Book, trying to figure out why he was chosen. Part mystery, part conspiracy thriller, Eric discovers that bullies thrive right up until adulthood. But something good did come out of his search - he now knows how to fight back. His ongoing mission - to make sure there is never again another Grunt. 

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