March 14, 2013

Captivating adventure

The Abandoned
by Paul Gallico

A lonely boy named Peter would love to have a cat for company, but his nanny doesn't like them. One day, Peter sees a truck bearing down on a tabby. Dashing out to save the cat, he is struck by the oncoming truck himself.
Everything is different when Peter comes to: He has fur, whiskers, and claws; he has become a cat! However, London is a big city; dangerous not only to children, but to cats. Scared, hungry, and lost, Peter nearly gives up. But then he meets Jennie, a savvy stray. Jennie teaches Peter how to be a cat, including how to sniff out a nice napping spot, the proper way to dine on mouse, and the single most important tactic a cat can learn: “When in doubt, wash.” Together, Jennie and Peter explore the city, sail to Scotland, and face many challenges; all while trying to find a place that is truly home.

A charming story about caring and friendship, with a sweet ending; if you are not already a lover of cats, you will be after reading this book.

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