April 30, 2013

Rex Zero to the rescue

Rex Zero and the End of the World
by Tim Wynne-Jones

In this case, the end of the world refers to the looming nuclear threat in the summer of 1962. This was the time when the Russians were exploring space, the fear of communism was rampant, and the Cold War was heating up. Rex Zero, however, doesn't really understand any of it, and he's not interested anyway. Just recently transplanted to Ottawa from Vancouver, he just wants to find some new friends. He soon hooks up with Kathy, James, and Buster. They're convinced that a panther is on the loose, and set out to catch it.

Today's kids may not get all the historical references, but they'll enjoy Rex's adventures. Rex and his friends have lots of freedom to do what they want, without parental supervision. Rex also has some interesting siblings with some of the best names - Cassiopeia, Letitia, Annie Oakley, Flora Bella, and the Sausage. 

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