September 11, 2013

No place like home

No Passengers Beyond This Point
by Gennifer Choldenko

With their house in foreclosure, sisters India and Mouse and their brother Finn are sent to live with an uncle in Colorado. But when the plane lands, the children find themselves in a strange place called Falling Bird, where they're welcomed by cheering crowds. In Falling Bird, they each have their own house and whatever they desire. It sounds like the perfect place you'd never want to leave. In fact, it's strongly suggested that they stay permanently. The only way to escape is to find the black box before time runs out.

This is an intriguing fantasy with a hint of menace. The transition from reality to fantasy is seamlessly done, as are the shifting perspectives. Each child narrates the story through his or her eyes, providing the discerning reader with hints about their increasingly perilous situation. Choldenko wraps things up nicely in a surprise twist ending that is wholly appropriate.

A fascinating read.

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