October 9, 2013

Historical mouse tales

The Malagawatch Mice and the Church that Sailed
by Caroline Stellings

Gentle rhymes tell the story of a congregation of mice, whose church is about to be moved out from above them. When a rummage sale doesn't earn enough to finance their move, they put an antique quilt up for sale. Saved by Grandpa mouse, the quilt helps them follow the barge to the church's new location.

A uniquely historical tale, with lovingly rendered watercolours reminiscent of Beatrix Potter.

Based on a true Cape Breton story.

The Malagawatch Mice and the Cat who Discovered America
by Caroline Stellings

The Malagawatch Mice are enjoying life until a large orange cat takes up residence in the church. Henry is a no-good stray and will always be a no-good stray and to that end is determined to eat up every last mouse. But Grandpa's convinced that if Henry knew his family history - he is a descendant of Prince Henry Sinclair, who first discovered Nova Scotia - he would behave more honorably (and not eat mice).

Once again, Caroline Stellings has written a uniquely creative historical tale with a happily ever after ending. The story is also a lovely tribute to the Mi'kmaq people, who were the first inhabitants of Nova Scotia.

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