November 27, 2013

Reaching reluctant or bored readers

It can be a challenge finding books that are interesting and easy to read for reluctant or bored readers. High Interest Publishing publishes books and e-books specifically written, edited, and designed for reluctant or struggling readers from ages 8 to 18. HIP's series of books are realistic, gritty, and action-filled for teens and pre-teens, or adventurous, mysterious and funny for younger readers. There's even a fantasy series for those who prefer dragons and other supernatural elements.

With so many titles, it may be difficult to choose, but here are a few books to whet the appetite:

by Sylvia McNicoll

Owen has just three days to prove to his father that Hero will be no trouble, or back to the shelter he goes. But Hero's still a puppy, so he can't help messing up the floor or eating Owen's homework. Will Hero live up to his name?

A fun read, this is a warm-hearted story with an ending any reader will love.

by Paul Kropp

Todd works in a small-town gas station. One night, while working alone, he has to deal with a holdup, a clogged toilet, a woman giving birth, and the meanest teacher in the whole world. Plus his girlfriend won't stop calling him.

Wacky and unbelievable, this is perfect for kids who like their humour with a dose of slapstick.

by Paul Kropp

Based on a true story, this is a gripping account of a winter hike that turns deadly.

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