March 11, 2014

Newfoundland life - Travis' story

The Nine Lives of Travis Keating
by Jill MacLean

Just 365 days - that's how long Travis has agreed to his dad's experiment of living in a tiny coastal town in Newfoundland. But he soon regrets it. The kids at school ignore him while Hud, the resident bully, has him in his sights. Plus, Travis is still dealing with residual anger at his mother's death. Then he discovers a colony of abandoned cats down at the wharf.

As the days count down, Travis becomes tentative friends with Prinny, whose mother is an alcoholic, Hector, who rarely speaks, and Abe, a crotchety old farmer. By accepting their help in caring for the cats, Travis gradually comes to terms with his grief and mends his relationship with his father. He also realizes that any town can be called home.

Jill MacLean's realistic depiction of a Newfoundland community makes The Nine Lives of Travis Keating a wholly satisfying and Canadian read.

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