May 14, 2014

Zombie at school

by Richard Scrimger

From the wacky mind of Richard Scrimger comes a story about a young zombie who goes to school in Ontario.

Imre Lazar is the sole survivor of a radiation disaster that wiped out his town. He has no pulse, no blood pressure, and a body temperature just above freezing. Officially, he suffers from pedes mortuus or walking dead syndrome. The principal assures us that he's not contagious. He is, however, practically indestructible, though certain body parts keep dropping off (he's held together by duct tape). Understandably, some parents get a little freaked out and try to get him expelled. Others support undead rights. The students are similarly divided, but that doesn't deter Evil-O (Olive‚ spelled backwards) who nominates Imre for class president. 

Imre eventually becomes popular, especially when he lifts the school bus and becomes a football star. He even gets his own reality show on CBC Television. But everything's not as happy as it seems. Why does Imre live in a highly secure facility in a remote location? And why is there dog food in the refrigerator?

Narrated hilariously by Evil-O's best friend Bob, a lovable loser, the story quickly shifts from slapstick comedy to classic horror, with a bit of conspiracy theory thrown in. 

A laugh-out-loud, rollicking adventure that's sure to please zombie fans everywhere.

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