July 2, 2014

Canadian train adventure

The Boundless
by Kenneth Oppel

The Boundless is a seven-mile-long passenger train carrying nearly sixty-five hundred people from coach to first-class. The train is filled with wonders: saloons, lounges, a cinema, a terrace, even a swimming pool. More entertainment is provided by Zirkus Dante, a circus of acrobats, animals, and a sasquatch. Into this magical world steps Will Everett, the son of the train's chief engineer. He's looking for an adventure, and soon enough, he finds one. After witnessing a murder, some dangerous villains are hot on his trail. His only help comes from Mr. Dorian, the circus ringmaster, and Maren, a wire walker and escape artist. With many close calls and an exciting battle atop the moving train, this is life-changing journey that Will won't soon forget. 

Fans of Oppel's many books, especially his Airborn series, will thoroughly enjoy The Boundless, as will readers who are just discovering him.

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