October 22, 2014

Newfoundland shipwreck

Ann and Seamus
by Kevin Major
art by David Blackwood

Ann Harvey lives in a remote Newfoundland community with the ominous name of Isle aux Morts - Island of the Dead. Her life is filled with endless work. She often dreams of other places and a different life.

Seamus Ryan is a young Irish teen hoping to find a future in new world. Bound for Quebec City on the brig Despatch, he may not make it there. The ship runs aground off Isle aux Morts and the lives of 160 souls are in peril.

Told in verse, this is the story of a dramatic rescue, young love, and hope for the future.

The wreck of the Despatch is a true story. It occurred in 1828. Ten years later, Ann Harvey and her family also saved the crew and passengers of another vessel, the Rankin. Ann's personal story, however, has been imagined by Major, who wished to commemorate not only a brave heroine but the steadfastness of early Newfoundland and Labrador settlers.

A raw and heartfelt book.

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