December 3, 2009

Arctic Stories

Arctic Stories
by Michael Arvaarluk Kusugak & Vladyana Langer Krykorka

Three stories that capture the people and surroundings of the Arctic. A prologue and afterword gently remind readers of events that influenced generations of people.

In Agatha & the Ugly Black Thing, the people flee from an approaching airship. Only Agatha stands her ground.

In Agatha & the Most Amazing Bird, Agatha befriends a raven. She is surprised when the raven flies upside down. She is also entranced by the other birds and animals - snow buntings, sandhill cranes, swans, foxes, rabbits. Unfortunately, not all animals are depicted in the illustrations.

An airplane takes Agatha and her friends away in Agatha Goes to School. In spite of some of the bad things that happened (which is only implied), there were also good things - Agatha learns to ski. Her skill becomes useful when kind Father Fafard falls through the ice.

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