December 10, 2009

The House of Wooden Santas

The House of Wooden Santas
by Kevin Major
wood carvings by Imelda George

When Jesse's mother loses her job, she decides to move to a small village to save on living expenses. Jesse's mom hopes to start a new career as a wood carver. Jesse misses life in the city and dreads going to school where he is subject to another boy's hurtful teasing. Before he goes to sleep, Jesse's mom whispers comfortingly, In the House of Wooden Santas there's someone to keep you safe and take away your doubts. Guardian Santa protects you from the worries of the world. Each day, a newly carved Santa arrives to bring Jesse a little trust and a little hope. Then, twelve days before Christmas, their landlady, Mrs. Wentzell, tells them to leave because Jesse's mom can't sell enough carvings to pay the rent. With a little creativity and belief, Jesse tries to get Mrs. Wentzell to change her mind. A heart-warming holiday story.

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