January 19, 2010

Get ready for the Olympics!


If you've ever wondered what luge or nordic combined was, or were confused by freestyle skiing, check out these lively and fun books about the Winter Olympics. Each title provides a brief overview of each Winter Olympic sport, along with historical facts, interesting trivia, and notable athletes. Perfect to browse through as you watch the games. Buy the entire set (8 in all) at Crabtree Books.

Published by National Geographic, and filled with excellent photos, this is an entertaining account of the Winter Olympics: how it began and the challenges involved in running it. There are profiles of exceptional athletes, unexpected medallists, and descriptions of extreme sports. Includes an Olympic Almanac, with statistics and quick reference information.

For kids who like strange trivia, try Gold Medal for Weird, a book of Olympic sport moments from both Summer and Winter Olympics. It contains a few heroic and not-so-heroic athletes, wardrobe and equipment malfunctions, interfering spectators, and really unusual sports.

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