January 5, 2010

Snow crystal photography

Snowflake Bentley
by Jacqueline Briggs Martin

Wilson Bentley was obsessed with snow. He thought snow crystals were beautiful and wanted to share them with others. He tried drawing snowflakes, but they always melted before he could finish. His career took off after his parents saved up to buy him a special camera. At first, no one was interested in his photographs until colleges and universities started collecting them. Bentley went on to become an expert on snow, rain, and clouds.
An interesting portrait of a self-taught scientist that should inspire readers to look for the extraordinary in nature. The end pages include three of Bentley's remarkable photographs.

My Brother Loved Snowflakes: The Story of Wilson A Bentley the Snowflake Man
by Mary Bahr

This is a fictional account of Wilson Bentley's life, as told in the imaginary voice of his brother, Charles Bentley. It manages to capture Wilson Bentley's determination, but the illustrations don't quite capture the snow crystals' beauty.

by Wilson Bentley

Bentley's collection of snow crystal photographs. There are over 2,000 photographs. All the snow crystals are beautiful and all are different. There are also photos of frost on windowpanes and dew on spider webs & blades of grass.

You can also view Bentley's photographs at http://www.bentley.sciencebuff.org/index.htm.
Bentley inspired other photographers. 
See http://www.its.caltech.edu/~atomic/snowcrystals/.

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