March 11, 2010

Favourite male characters

J.Lo. No, not the singer/actress. The Boov.  He can fix anything around the house, even a floating car. A good alien to have around.

Daft Wullie. Actually, I like all of the Wee Free Men, but this name always makes me smile.

Calvin and Hobbes. It's impossible not to like the mischievous Calvin, especially when he's got his evil grin. And who can resist Hobbes, the adorable stuffed tiger?

Bartimaeus. Strictly speaking, djinnis are spirits and don't usually take human form. They can assume any shape, and are not limited by gender. The incorrigible Bartimaeus has been a gargoyle, a minotaur, and a lion. When assuming human guise, he usually becomes an Egyptian boy named Ptolemy.

Lee Scoresby. An aeronaut and one of the many men who accompanied Lyra on her otherworldly adventure. His heroic death in The Subtle Knife is sure to bring tears.
Iorek Byrnison. A formidable armored bear and friend to Lee Scoresby.

Gandalf. Because a wizard is always a handy person to have around.

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