May 4, 2010

Fantasy for girls

by Gail Carson Levine

Aza, an innkeeper's daughter, has a wonderful voice, but she is unhappy. In a country that prizes beauty above all else, she's considered ugly. But when she becomes lady-in-waiting to the new queen, she has to get used to being noticed. 
Queen Ivi is beautiful and vain, but dangerous. She forces Ava to use her voice to deceive the court. When the deception is uncovered, Aza is imprisoned. To save herself and her kingdom, Aza must accept that her self-worth is more important than the pursuit of beauty. 
An interesting version of Snow White.

by Linda Smith

Alina has waited all her life to be called to the Isle of Weaving, where the tapestry of life is created. Now it looks as if she has caused a terrible disaster. She retied a broken thread, saving a young prince's life, a prince who will grow up to become a cruel conquerer, causing the death of thousands.
Alina is sent to undo the damage. But as Prince Ranjan begins to trust her, she finds it harder and harder to accomplish her task. She is also attracted to the soldier Daris. Frightened and homesick, Alina must make a difficult decision that will affect her own life and that of the world. 
A complex tale that raises interesting questions about fate and free will.

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