April 29, 2010

More volcanoes

A good introduction to volcanoes. Easy to read, this book is suitable for ages 5-7.

by Celia Godkin

A great mountain looms over a village on a tropical island. Sometimes the people can hear the mountain rumbling like a sleeping giant. They throw offerings of sweet flowers to the giant, praying that he will have pleasant dreams. But when the island birds fly away, the people know that they must find a new home.
Celia Godkin's luminous illustrations gently reveal how nature can both destroy and create. End papers provide information about volcanic islands and its inhabitants. 

by Kenneth Mallory

A fascinating account of a scientific expedition to a hydrothermal vent off the coast of Acapulco, Mexico. The eruption of this underwater volcano cooked the worms, clams, and mussels around it. But then, new cracks appeared in the sea floor, releasing clouds of bacteria which attracted new life. Eventually, a thriving community was born. 
An excellent book for ages 9 and up.

by Roger W. Drury

The Finch family move into a new home that has a small volcano in the basement. An interesting title, but a boring story. Everybody spends the entire time worrying about an impending eruption. Nobody uses the volcano for anything. All it does is overheat the house and the grounds. The Finches' furnace really isn't fabulous at all.

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