July 1, 2010

Canadian Authors on Canada Day

It's Canada Day, so I thought I'd celebrate by mentioning a few of my favourite Canadian children's book authors. In no particular order, they are:

Best known for her series of picture books starring Stella and Sam, she has also written the novels Travels with My Family and  On the Road Again! More Travels with My Family. Both books are popular summer reads; perfect for anyone who's ever been on family road trips or taken vacations in foreign lands. As always, her books are filled with vibrant, funny illustrations.

Her books are often about young people dealing with sad or unusual situations, surrounded by eccentric relatives. But these aunts and uncles, despite their flaws, offer the comfort, security, and love that immediate families sometimes lack. Horvath's books are always memorable and worth reading again and again.

Her books are filled with love and spirituality, told with intelligence and thoughtfulness that stay with you long after you have read them.

A librarian, Sarah Ellis has written many award-winning books, with plots and themes that young readers can relate to.

He writes well, and has a good sense of humour. His picture books are especially good, always with just the right words. He has also been fortunate to be paired with excellent illustrators who perfectly complement his text.

Scrimger is best known for The Nose from Jupiter, but he's also written some very interesting novels. For example, From Charlie's Point of View has a visually-impaired protagonist trying to solve a mystery. Also read Into the Ravine (three boys go on a rafting trip) and Me & Death: An Afterlife Adventure.

I don't read a lot of science fiction, but when I do, I like selecting books by Monica Hughes. Her name is synonymous with intriguing, intelligent plots and fully-rounded, complex characters. 

Her plasticine artwork is simply amazing.

Her poetry is full of exuberant fun. She has also written her first novel: The Gravesavers.

Oppel's fantasy and adventure books are full of action and suspense; they're sure to be made into movies.
    Silverwing (first book of his bat series)
      Starclimber (third book in a trilogy)
        The Live Forever Machine

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