July 27, 2010

Medieval adventure

The Forestwife
by Theresa Tomlinson

When fifteen-year-old Mary de Holt learns that she must wed an elderly widower, she immediately decides to run away. Lost in the woods, she encounters the Forestwife, who teaches her the ways of healing. She also gives Mary a new name: Marian. They are soon joined by other women, victims of cruel and unfair laws. Necessity turns Marian and her women into outlaws who do battle against injustice. They are aided by Robert of Loxley, soon to be known as Robin Hood.

A creative retelling of the Robin Hood story, with the focus on Maid Marian. The strong, capable female characters are definitely worth meeting. These women are far from helpless and in need of rescuing. They plan and execute their own daring deeds with bravery and fearlessness. Marian also saves Robert several times. A very satisfying novel, with the right mix of adventure and romance.

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