October 28, 2010


The Complete Idiot's Guide to Voodoo
by Shannon R. Turlington

A very detailed and enlightening book about a misunderstood religion. It tells you everything you ever wanted to know about the history of voodoo, the gods and spirits served by voodoo devotees, and all the rituals and special rites involved in voodoo practice. It also debunks some commonly held myths about  zombies and black magic. 

Parents need not be concerned about the subject matter. The initiation proceedings are so long and complicated that it should discourage most readers from attempting any curses. The ingredients would also be hard to find. 

For readers who only want to know the basics, Turlington has also written Do You Do Voodoo? The Real Religion Behind Zombies and Voodoo Dolls. This quick read explains the main concepts of voodoo, revealing it to be a serious, legitimate religion. Interestingly, Turlington uses slightly different words, spellings, and pronunciations. This is due to Haiti's oral tradition and regional variability. 

Disappointingly, the books do not reveal the origin of brain-eating zombies. However, it may inspire more creative Halloween costumes.

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