October 14, 2010

A weird and funny story

13 Words
by Lemony Snicket

Only Lemony Snicket could get away with a story like this. It begins with a despondent bird. A dog thinks that the bird can be cheered up by eating cake and keeping busy. He makes the bird paint ladders while he goes for a ride in a convertible driven by a goat. They go to a haberdashery with a scarlet door to buy a cheering-up hat for the bird. The store is owned by a baby, who sells the dog two hats that have a lot of panache. It ends with a mezzo-soprano who shows up to sing and eat more cake. But the bird remains despondent.

13 Wordsis a very strange story with very strange pictures. No one tries to find out why the bird is so sad, even though she's happy with her hat. Maybe she doesn't like cake or paint or perhaps she's a frustrated singer. Whatever the reason, you can't help but laugh, especially at the mezzo-soprano's song.

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