February 8, 2011

Books for Valentine's Day

The Love Book
by Pernilla Stalfelt

What is love?

Love is a feeling that can fizz like soda pop ... or flutter like butterflies ... or fill your whole belly with cotton balls. You can love a flower or a goldfish, money or food, your family or your friends. Love can also make you do silly things - tripping over dogs, singing love songs, saying mushy things. With quirky drawings and amusing thought balloons, this book describes the dizzying and embarrassing aspects of love.

Parental warning: contains a few sexually explicit drawings

The Truth About Love

Why do we love with our hearts? 
Why do rings symbolize eternal love?
Why are a dozen roses so romantic?

The answers to these questions and many other facts, superstitions, and myths about love are contained in the pages of this pocket-sized book. 

It isn't as serious as it sounds. For instance, did you know that eating prunes will reveal the profession of your future spouse? Or that hares were once thought to be ghosts of jilted lovers out for revenge?  Just like the previous book, love can be wonderful and confusing at the same time.

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