February 3, 2011

Stories of adventure on the Silk Road

The Spirit of the Silk Road guides readers on a journey along the ancient trade route. He talks about the history of the cities and its people, the silk trade, the animals, and the perils of desert travel. He also introduces some rather strange tales. There's a girl who becomes a horse's bride, a man plagued by demons, a monkey and a dragon with communication problems, a spoiled beg (ruler) who doesn't learn a lesson, and magical saddlebags and pebbles. The best is a very nice creation story that explains why the Dunhuang Lake is crescent-shaped. 

For kids who prefer real-life adventures, try Adventures on the Ancient Silk Road. 

Author Priscilla Galloway uses dialogue and fascinating information to make readers feel as if they were actually on the road with Buddhist monk Xuanzang, warrior Ghenghis Khan, and merchant Marco Polo. The vivid descriptions of the people, the customs, and the colours, sights, and smells capture the splendour and strangeness of the surroundings. Excellent and compelling, this is a book that will be enjoyed by travellers everywhere.

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