April 12, 2011

Help teens achieve their goals

Reaching Your Goals
by Robin L. Silverman

This is a very useful and helpful advice book for kids and teens, especially for those who may be procrastinators or tend to get discouraged. It is filled with easy, doable exercises that provide positivity and confidence.

The first three chapters gets teens started right away by 1. using the power of imagination to set specific, achievable goals, 2. turning negative thoughts into positive ones, and 3. making use of their best qualities while developing new ones. This is followed by a chapter called Transform Your Problems, which says that knowing what you don't want can help you focus on what you do want. In other words, if a problem occurs, don't agonize over it, but think about what to do to prevent it from happening again. Other chapters show kids how to use positive visualization, how to juggle goal-setting with other responsibilities, and how to stay focussed. Words from actual teens provide lots of encouragement.

A list of further resources is included at the end of the book.  
Reaching Your Goals would make a good graduation gift.

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