April 19, 2011

Victorian soap opera

by Jane Eaglund

An ominous beginning has Louisa Cosgrove being dropped off at an asylum instead of with family aquaintances as she was led to believe. The doctors tell her that she's ill, and call her by the wrong name - Lucy Childs. Bewildered and frightened, Louisa tries to discover who has done this to her.

Through flashbacks, we learn more about Lou - she's an anomaly. Curious, intelligent, and rebellious, she dreams of being a medical doctor, a shocking idea in Victorian society, especially for a young, single woman. Lou also has another dangerous secret - she's in love with her cousin Grace.

Trapped in nightmarish surroundings, Lou tries to escape. She is aided by a sympathetic attendant, Eliza, to whom she becomes attracted. Filled with danger, anxiety, and romance, this gripping novel will have readers on the edge of their seats. When Lou discovers the length of her family's betrayal, it is absolutely appalling. An epilogue reveals Louisa embarked on a new course in life - medical school - with Eliza by her side.

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