June 22, 2011

Peculiar children

by Ransom Riggs

All his life, Jacob had listened to his Grandpa's tales of growing up in a children's home during the War. The monsters were after him, he said. He often showed Jacob photographs of the children who lived there - peculiar children with unusual powers like invisibility. 

Eventually, Jacob stopped believing his Grandpa, attributing his stories to his progressive dementia. But after the old man's disturbing death, Jacob slowly begins to realize that his Grandpa was telling the truth. To find out more, he travels to a remote Welsh island on which the ruins of Miss Peregrine's Home is found. What he finds there is even stranger and more frightening than he ever imagined.

An eerie, fantastic story, made even creepier with its disturbing photographs.

View the effective and mysterious book trailer at http://www.ransomriggs.com/.

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