June 7, 2011

David A. Carter's first book app

Spot the Dot
by David A. Carter, creator of  Yellow Square,
White Noise, and  The Big Bug Book.

A find-the-dot app that should keep little ones busy. The dots are easy to find at first, but get progressively harder with each colour. The bright animation is appealing, as is the unobtrusive background music.

However, the narration can't be turned off, and there's no restart button, forcing you to exit the app before trying again. I also felt the app could have been more interactive. Instead of just touching the screen, kids would really like shaking the screen or blowing on it to move the dots around. As well, I thought that the purple dot was too easy to put together. If the pieces changed shape each time, or was better hidden, finding the dot would be more challenging.

Here's hoping the app will be updated in future to address the above problems. It would make Spot the Dot even better. In the meantime, I'll stick with Carter's pop-up books.

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