August 16, 2011

Sometimes you've gotta work with what you've got

by Cynthia Lord

The rules are for David, Catherine's autistic brother. She hopes they'll help him act normal so people won't stare at him or stare at her.  She's also resentful that her parents don't pay more attention to her. It makes it difficult to make friends with Kristi, who just moved in next door. But Catherine does become friendly with Jason, whom she meets at David's therapy centre. 

Jason communicates by tapping words on a board. When he adds Catherine's own name to his board, she starts creating more words for him so he can express a wider range of feelings. Jason helps her see that "normal" really depends on one's point-of-view.

An excellent, funny book for anyone who has ever felt different or has had to deal with a special needs sibling.

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