October 6, 2011

Circus Life

by Glen Huser (Tradewind Books)

Leroy Barnstable is having a topsy-turvy year, as his father would have said. One moment he was living a pretty ordinary life - doing chores on the farm, going to school -  the next, slaving in his uncles’ harness shop where a hickory stick ensures his obedience. After his mother’s death, Leroy decides to run away. Riding the rails, he stumbles upon a traveling Chautauqua show, where his drawing talents come in handy. Using his nickname “Doodlebug”, he helps out in the kids’ tent with Maggie Tremain. Life with Chautauqua is much like a circus, with musicians, actors, parades and magic shows. In it, Leroy finds family again - and love. 

An entertaining page-turner, with colorful characters, funny situations, and exciting, suspenseful events.

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