October 11, 2011

Not so evil after all

by Alex Epstein (Tradewind Books)

For readers of the many Arthurian legends, Morgan Le Fay is the evil witch who seduces her half-brother in a plot to usurp his throne. But surely there was more to her than this? 

In Alex Epstein's engrossing novel, Morgan used to be Anna, whose father was a governor and associate of Uter Pendragon. After Uter kills her father and beds her mother, Anna is forced to flee to Ireland. Renamed Morgan, she finds a new home with distant kin, but is captured during battle and sold into slavery. Having always felt an otherworldly connection to earth, water, wind and fire, Morgan is able to grow as a sorceress while holding fast to her thirst for revenge. But when she meets a handsome chieftain's son, she is torn between love and vengeance. Which will she choose?

Most readers know of Morgan's fate, but it is still intriguing to discover another side to what has sometimes been a one-dimensional character.

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