November 16, 2011

The power of music and art

by Charlotte Gingras
illustrations by Stephane Jorisch

Every family has its troubles. Emily’s mother is depressed, her grandmother’s in a nursing home, and her father is having an affair. Even the piano has been sold - a sign that her family is about to collapse. If she could find the piano, Emily thinks, her family will be happy again.

In just 60 pages, Charlotte Gingras has crafted a beautiful story about the healing power of music. A perfect gem. 

by Dulari Devi (as told to Gita Wolf)

Dulari Devi could not read or write, but she could create pictures in her mind. One day, she made a bird out of mud. The next day, after seeing her employer in a painting class, she asked for painting lessons. Soon, she began painting every day. Filled with her vibrantly coloured creations, Dulari's story shows how art can transform a life.

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