November 24, 2011

Books vs iPads, part 2

I recently had a conversation with a young twenty-something woman who insisted that all print books should be replaced with electronic versions or apps. She claimed that her friends don't give books to their kids anymore, they just hand over an iPad. She failed to take into account that some books, like picture books or pop-up books, could never be replaced by an electronic device, and that there are a lot of people who can't afford a pricey tablet computer.

 I will never stop loving printed books; the advantages of books over ebooks is best exemplified in Lane Smith's It's a Book. 

As a gorilla sits reading quietly, a donkey pesters him about this strange thing: Does it need a password? Can it text? How do you scroll down? The gorilla always replies No, it's a book. The donkey may be a complete ass, but he finally comes to understand the value of a good book.

For parents concerned about the language, Smith also created a board book for younger audiences.


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