April 5, 2012

Dare to be different

by David Walliams
illustrated by Quentin Blake

Dennis is a twelve-year-old who misses his mother and the way things used to be when she was around. Her absence has strained the relationship between Dennis and his father and brother. They don't really talk much anymore. 

Dennis doesn't really keep it a secret, but he's a bit different. Why was he different? Well, the title pretty much gives it away. Dennis likes looking at women's clothes. But he doesn't do anything with them until he gets detention for heading a ball into the headmaster's office. In detention, he meets Lisa, the most beautiful girl in school. Their shared love of fashion makes them friends. It's Lisa who encourages Dennis to try on dresses and make-up. Then she gets him to do one more thing .... to pretend to be a French exchange student named Denise! Things predictably don't go as planned, but in a hilarious twist, it all comes right in the end.

David Walliams' gently humorous novel will remind many readers of Roald Dahl, but without the really nasty characters. And aside from prolonged laughter, everyone is remarkably accepting of Dennis' fetish. If only people could be like that in real life!

A very fun read.

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